Definition Candidatus Cloacamonas acidaminovorans.
Accession NS_000195
Length 2,246,820
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Hits against Virus and prophage DB
Hits against Bacterial DB or GenBank file
Region 1, total : 16 CDS
1 complement(543462..545351)  PHAGE_Entero_P2: Old; CLOAM0487; phage(gi9630369)  6e-05  Click
2 complement(545471..547984)  PHAGE_Acinet_Bphi_B1251: putative restriction-modification protein; CLOAM0488; phage(gi423261981)  2e-28  Click
3 complement(547994..550519)  PHAGE_Bacill_BCJA1c: DEAD box family helicase; CLOAM0489; phage(gi56694884)  2e-17  Click
4 550718..551143  PHAGE_Entero_CC31: gp5 base plate hub subunit and tail lysozyme; CLOAM0490; phage(gi311993146)  8e-14  Click
5 551080..551598  hypothetical protein; CLOAM0491  N/A  Click
6 551598..552086  PHAGE_Persic_P12024S: hypothetical protein; CLOAM0492; phage(gi399528461)  5e-05  Click
7 552044..552484  hypothetical protein; CLOAM0493  N/A  Click
8 552481..553668  PHAGE_Mannhe_phiMHaA1: capsid portal protein Q; CLOAM0494; phage(gi109289937)  2e-07  Click
9 553634..555472  PHAGE_Methan_psiM100: putative structural protein; CLOAM0495; phage(gi11863105)  8e-05  Click
10 555501..555851  hypothetical protein; CLOAM0496  N/A  Click
11 555932..556396  hypothetical protein; CLOAM0497  N/A  Click
12 556389..556685  hypothetical protein; CLOAM0499  N/A  Click
13 556700..557050  hypothetical protein; CLOAM0500  N/A  Click
14 556984..557151  hypothetical protein; CLOAM0501  N/A  Click
15 557148..557969  PHAGE_Clostr_phiSM101: putative modification methylase dpniia; CLOAM0502; phage(gi110804053)  2e-44  Click
16 557966..558742  PHAGE_Burkho_phiE125: DNA adenine methylase; CLOAM0503; phage(gi17975188)  3e-40  Click