BacMap is an interactive atlas of fully sequenced bacterial genomes. It contains fully labeled, zoomable and searchable chromosome maps for 1,790 sequenced bacterial (archaebacterial and eubacterial) species. This covers essentially all completely sequenced genomes in GenBank. For every genome and its genetic elements, BackMap used various bioinformatics programs and web-mining tools to generate detailed graphic and textual reports such as genome biography, genome maps, gene ontology and related metabolic pathways. All bacterial genome maps are supplemented with separate prophage genome maps as well as separae tRNA and rRNA maps. Each bacterial chromosome entry in BacMap contains graphs and tables on a variety of gene and protein statistics. BacMap allows the user to query, sort or select genes and genomes by taxonomy and/or phenotype classification and provides genome specific BLAST.

BacMap is developed by the Wishart group at the University of Alberta.

Database Statistics

Number of Bacteria 1,671
Number of Archaebacteria 119
Number of Chromosomes1,872
Number of Plasmids1,117
Number of Bases6,094,854,497
Number of Genes4,838,288