Definition Brucella abortus S19 chromosome 1, complete sequence.
Accession NC_010742
Length 2,122,487
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Hits against Virus and prophage DB
Hits against Bacterial DB or GenBank file
Region 1, total : 27 CDS
1 529794..531662  PHAGE_Megavi_lba: putative dTDP-d-glucose 4 6-dehydratase; BAbS19_I04980; phage(gi448825504)  5e-19  Click
2 complement(531649..532656)  glycosyl transferase, family 4; BAbS19_I04990  N/A  Click
3 533034..533108  tRNA  N/A  Click
4 533315..534133  PROPHAGE_Brucel_1330: ISBm1, transposase orfA; BAbS19_I05000; phage(gi23501424)  2e-25  Click
5 534144..534452  PROPHAGE_Brucel_1330: ISBm3, transposase, programmed frameshift; BAbS19_I05010; phage(gi52430457)  6e-52  Click
6 534281..534295  attL    CATCAAGCGGCTTGG  N/A  Click
7 534866..535096  PROPHAGE_Brucel_1330: transposase, interruption-C; BAbS19_I05020; phage(gi52430458)  9e-40  Click
8 535347..535472  PROPHAGE_Xantho_33913: IS1404 transposase; BAbS19_I05030; phage(gi21232568)  4e-07  Click
9 535740..536189  PROPHAGE_Xantho_33913: IS1404 transposase; BAbS19_I05040; phage(gi21232569)  3e-33  Click
10 536400..536507  Transposase; BAbS19_I05050  N/A  Click
11 complement(536525..537304)  PHAGE_Burkho_phiE255: gp30, formyl transferase, putative; BAbS19_I05060; phage(gi134288807)  8e-12  Click
12 complement(537331..538185)  perosamine synthetase WbkB; BAbS19_I05070  N/A  Click
13 complement(538182..538940)  PHAGE_Amsact_: putative ATP-binding cassette transporter; BAbS19_I05080; phage(gi9964444)  4e-10  Click
14 complement(538937..539734)  O-antigen export system permease protein RFBD; BAbS19_I05090  N/A  Click
15 complement(539734..540837)  PHAGE_Bathyc_BpV1: hypothetical protein; BAbS19_I05100; phage(gi313768026)  4e-23  Click
16 complement(540845..541933)  PHAGE_Acanth_1: hypothetical protein ATCV1_Z804L; BAbS19_I05110; phage(gi155371751)  2e-135  Click
17 542452..542880  PROPHAGE_Brucel_1330: ISBm1, transposase orfA; BAbS19_I05120; phage(gi23501424)  5e-80  Click
18 543209..543589  Transposase; BAbS19_I05130  N/A  Click
19 543637..543996  PROPHAGE_Brucel_1330: ISBm3, transposase, programmed frameshift; BAbS19_I05140; phage(gi52430457)  4e-06  Click
20 544066..544434  PROPHAGE_Brucel_1330: ISBm1, transposase orfA; BAbS19_I05150; phage(gi23501424)  5e-17  Click
21 544551..544823  PROPHAGE_Brucel_1330: IS711, transposase orfB; BAbS19_I05160; phage(gi23501420)  6e-47  Click
22 545257..546312  PHAGE_Ostreo_2: putative glycosyl transferase, group 1; BAbS19_I05170; phage(gi314055103)  4e-05  Click
23 546370..546738  PROPHAGE_Brucel_1330: IS5 family transposase orfA; BAbS19_I05180; phage(gi23501422)  1e-66  Click
24 546834..547175  PROPHAGE_Brucel_1330: IS5 family transposase orfB; BAbS19_I05190; phage(gi23501423)  2e-62  Click
25 complement(547639..547776)  integrase; BAbS19_I05200  N/A  Click
26 548329..548745  PROPHAGE_Brucel_1330: ISBm1, transposase orfB; BAbS19_I05210; phage(gi23501425)  5e-76  Click
27 549105..549404  PHAGE_Entero_4795: putative transposase OrfB protein of IS629; BAbS19_I05220; phage(gi157166063)  4e-22  Click
28 549570..550925  phosphomannomutase; BAbS19_I05230  N/A  Click
29 550996..552420  PHAGE_Acanth_1: hypothetical protein ATCV1_Z752L; BAbS19_I05240; phage(gi155371699)  1e-15  Click
30 561522..561536  attR    CATCAAGCGGCTTGG  N/A  Click