Definition Methylobacterium sp. 4-46 chromosome, complete genome.
Accession NC_010511
Length 7,659,055
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Hits against Virus and prophage DB
Hits against Bacterial DB or GenBank file
Region 1, total : 26 CDS
1 complement(4563213..4567328)  PHAGE_Synech_S_CBS4: tail fiber protein; M446_4120; phage(gi374531790)  3e-32  Click
2 complement(4567325..4567717)  hypothetical protein; M446_4121  N/A  Click
3 complement(4567793..4569757)  PHAGE_Burkho_BcepC6B: putative tail fiber protein; M446_4122; phage(gi48697208)  2e-09  Click
4 complement(4569765..4570268)  hypothetical protein; M446_4123  N/A  Click
5 complement(4570312..4571388)  PHAGE_Entero_2: P2 gpD-like tail protein; M446_4124; phage(gi169936019)  1e-14  Click
6 complement(4571402..4571635)  PHAGE_Pseudo_phiCTX: hypothetical protein phiCTXp09; M446_4125; phage(gi17313226)  2e-06  Click
7 complement(4571640..4572065)  PHAGE_Pseudo_phiCTX: hypothetical protein phiCTXp29; M446_4126; phage(gi17313246)  3e-09  Click
8 complement(4572087..4576331)  PHAGE_Staphy_StB20: tail tape measure protein; M446_4127; phage(gi431809778)  3e-11  Click
9 complement(4576438..4576986)  hypothetical protein; M446_4128  N/A  Click
10 complement(4577042..4577569)  PHAGE_Pseudo_phiCTX: hypothetical protein phiCTXp25; M446_4129; phage(gi17313242)  7e-07  Click
11 complement(4577637..4578923)  PROPHAGE_Xylell_Temecula1: contractile tail sheath protein; M446_4130; phage(gi28198986)  6e-24  Click
12 complement(4579007..4579519)  PHAGE_Ralsto_phiRSA1: tail fiber assembly-like protein; M446_4131; phage(gi145708099)  3e-07  Click
13 complement(4579556..4580326)  hypothetical protein; M446_4132  N/A  Click
14 complement(4580345..4580908)  PHAGE_Halomo_1: putative tail protein; M446_4133; phage(gi167832358)  9e-11  Click
15 complement(4580901..4581569)  PHAGE_Pseudo_phiCTX: hypothetical protein phiCTXp21; M446_4134; phage(gi17313238)  8e-20  Click
16 complement(4581562..4582557)  PHAGE_Erwini_ENT90: baseplate assembly protein; M446_4135; phage(gi431810943)  8e-29  Click
17 complement(4582581..4583000)  PHAGE_Pseudo_phiCTX: predicted baseplate; M446_4136; phage(gi17313236)  2e-08  Click
18 complement(4583004..4583333)  hypothetical protein; M446_4137  N/A  Click
19 complement(4583351..4583887)  PHAGE_Halomo_1: putative baseplate assembly protein V; M446_4138; phage(gi167832354)  1e-05  Click
20 complement(4583926..4584720)  hypothetical protein; M446_4139  N/A  Click
21 complement(4584717..4585133)  hypothetical protein; M446_4140  N/A  Click
22 complement(4585145..4586170)  PHAGE_Entero_01: major capsid protein; M446_4141; phage(gi38707831)  2e-18  Click
23 complement(4586291..4586962)  putative phage protein GP19; M446_4142  N/A  Click
24 complement(4587005..4588450)  PHAGE_Burkho_BcepNazgul: prohead protease ClpP; M446_4143; phage(gi91214231)  2e-51  Click
25 complement(4588463..4588714)  hypothetical protein; M446_4144  N/A  Click
26 complement(4588717..4590321)  PHAGE_Salmon_SPN19: putative lambda family portal protein B; M446_4145; phage(gi414090190)  8e-40  Click
Region 2, total : 20 CDS
1 6546422..6546997  PHAGE_Escher_HK639: terminase small subunit; M446_5955; phage(gi356870601)  7e-08  Click
2 6547032..6548402  PHAGE_Aeromo_vB_AsaM_56: putative TerL large-subunit terminase; M446_5956; phage(gi422937532)  1e-94  Click
3 6548402..6549664  PHAGE_Edward_MSW_3: putative portal protein; M446_5957; phage(gi448261029)  1e-53  Click
4 6550023..6550934  PHAGE_Pectob_ZF40: putative head protein; M446_5958; phage(gi422936684)  4e-30  Click
5 6550934..6551371  PHAGE_Klebsi_JD001: hypothetical protein; M446_5959; phage(gi448245125)  4e-10  Click
6 6551383..6552327  PHAGE_Vibrio_CP_T1: putative major capsid protein; M446_5960; phage(gi418489228)  4e-37  Click
7 6552332..6552541  hypothetical protein; M446_5961  N/A  Click
8 6552543..6552908  hypothetical protein; M446_5962  N/A  Click
9 6552908..6553228  hypothetical protein; M446_5963  N/A  Click
10 6553228..6553521  hypothetical protein; M446_5964  N/A  Click
11 6553523..6553936  PHAGE_Rhodob_RcapNL: gene transfer agent (GTA) orfg8-like protein; M446_5965; phage(gi461474971)  1e-06  Click
12 6554003..6554470  PHAGE_Rhizob_3: p014; M446_5966; phage(gi195546545)  3e-06  Click
13 6554479..6555060  hypothetical protein; M446_5967  N/A  Click
14 6555044..6556312  PHAGE_Equid__4: large tegument protein; M446_5968; phage(gi9629749)  1e-12  Click
15 6556314..6556949  PHAGE_Roseob_1: putative glycoside hydrolase; M446_5969; phage(gi331028135)  5e-31  Click
16 6556946..6557839  PHAGE_Roseob_1: gene transfer agent; M446_5970; phage(gi331028136)  6e-60  Click
17 6558201..6558845  hypothetical protein; M446_5971  N/A  Click
18 6558853..6559857  PHAGE_Ostreo_OlV1: hypothetical protein; M446_5972; phage(gi313844203)  6e-18  Click
19 6560916..6561398  PHAGE_Roseob_1: phage cell wall peptidase; M446_5974; phage(gi331028137)  7e-28  Click
20 6561395..6565300  PHAGE_Roseob_1: gene transfer agent; M446_5975; phage(gi331028138)  0.0  Click
Region 3, total : 16 CDS
1 7396642..7396653  attL    GCGCGCTTGGCC  N/A  Click
2 7398128..7399369  PHAGE_Stenot_S1: putative integrase; M446_6722; phage(gi213163927)  1e-30  Click
3 7400036..7400251  prophage CP4-57 regulatory; M446_6723  N/A  Click
4 7400255..7400707  hypothetical protein; M446_6724  N/A  Click
5 7400883..7403162  PHAGE_Pseudo_vB_Pae_Kakheti25: replicative primase/helicase; M446_6725; phage(gi388542697)  1e-17  Click
6 7403360..7403620  hypothetical protein; M446_6726  N/A  Click
7 7403688..7404023  hypothetical protein; M446_6727  N/A  Click
8 7404131..7404565  hypothetical protein; M446_6728  N/A  Click
9 complement(7404621..7405448)  PHAGE_Burkho_phiE255: gp41; M446_6729; phage(gi134288829)  7e-06  Click
10 complement(7405450..7405713)  hypothetical protein; M446_6730  N/A  Click
11 complement(7406352..7407752)  PHAGE_Spirop_R8A2B: putative transposase; M446_6732; phage(gi9626114)  2e-08  Click
12 complement(7408119..7408445)  PHAGE_Entero_4795: putative transposase OrfA protein of IS629; M446_6733; phage(gi157166066)  1e-29  Click
13 complement(7408414..7409448)  PROPHAGE_Escher_CFT073: transposase; M446_6734; phage(gi26248346)  7e-15  Click
14 7409891..7410463  PHAGE_Megavi_chiliensis: glycosyltransferase sugar-binding protein; M446_6735; phage(gi363540199)  4e-10  Click
15 7410736..7411488  PROPHAGE_Brucel_1330: transposase, putative; M446_6736; phage(gi23502708)  3e-36  Click
16 complement(7411607..7412050)  CHRD domain-containing protein; M446_6737  N/A  Click
17 complement(7412102..7412518)  PHAGE_Burkho_BcepMigl: virion associated protein; M446_6738; phage(gi431809925)  9e-07  Click
18 7417006..7417017  attR    GCGCGCTTGGCC  N/A  Click