Definition Acidiphilium cryptum JF-5 chromosome, complete genome.
Accession NC_009484
Length 3,389,227
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Hits against Virus and prophage DB
Hits against Bacterial DB or GenBank file
Region 1, total : 9 CDS
1 1431719..1431730  attL    CCGGCGCGGTTG  N/A  Click
2 1431994..1432338  PHAGE_Stenot_S1: putative integrase; Acry_1280; phage(gi213163927)  7e-18  Click
3 complement(1432340..1432981)  hypothetical protein; Acry_1281  N/A  Click
4 complement(1433134..1433745)  PROPHAGE_Brucel_1330: ISBm1, transposase orfB; Acry_1282; phage(gi23501425)  2e-15  Click
5 complement(1434193..1434624)  PHAGE_Cafete_BV_PW1: hypothetical protein; Acry_1283; phage(gi310831003)  1e-08  Click
6 1434753..1435700  PHAGE_Burkho_phi1026b: gp58; Acry_1284; phage(gi38707948)  2e-11  Click
7 1435888..1436265  PHAGE_Entero_4795: putative transposase OrfA protein of IS629; Acry_1285; phage(gi157166062)  9e-21  Click
8 1436262..1436819  PHAGE_Entero_4795: putative transposase OrfB protein of IS629; Acry_1286; phage(gi157166067)  9e-58  Click
9 1437024..1437212  PHAGE_Entero_4795: putative transposase OrfB protein of IS629; Acry_1287; phage(gi157166063)  3e-10  Click
10 complement(1437294..1439069)  PHAGE_Celeri_P12053L: putative phage tail fiber protein; Acry_1288; phage(gi399528893)  8e-09  Click
11 1438735..1438746  attR    CCGGCGCGGTTG  N/A  Click