Definition Bacteroides xylanisolvens XB1A draft genome.
Accession FP929033
Length 5,976,145
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Hits against Virus and prophage DB
Hits against Bacterial DB or GenBank file
Region 1, total : 25 CDS
1 974889..974901  attL    ACATCACGCATAT  N/A  Click
2 complement(985654..986760)  PHAGE_Mycoba_Porky: gp51; BXY_08500; phage(gi194303347)  7e-08  Click
3 complement(986777..987385)  PHAGE_Bacter_B124_14: hypothetical protein; BXY_08510; phage(gi374671646)  1e-15  Click
4 complement(987397..987903)  hypothetical protein; BXY_08520  N/A  Click
5 complement(987927..988172)  hypothetical protein; BXY_08530  N/A  Click
6 complement(988261..988503)  hypothetical protein; BXY_08540  N/A  Click
7 complement(988505..989056)  hypothetical protein; BXY_08550  N/A  Click
8 complement(989068..989775)  PHAGE_Clostr_CD119: hypothetical protein CDBPCV119_gp64; BXY_08560; phage(gi90592700)  1e-20  Click
9 complement(990120..990584)  hypothetical protein; BXY_08570  N/A  Click
10 complement(990613..991260)  Domain of unknown function (DUF3560).; BXY_08580  N/A  Click
11 complement(991309..991884)  hypothetical protein; BXY_08590  N/A  Click
12 complement(992717..993373)  ParB-like nuclease domain.; BXY_08610  N/A  Click
13 complement(993434..993727)  hypothetical protein; BXY_08620  N/A  Click
14 complement(993834..994274)  hypothetical protein; BXY_08630  N/A  Click
15 complement(994271..995035)  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1875; BXY_08640; phage(gi31415769)  5e-22  Click
16 complement(995796..996782)  PHAGE_Burkho_KS9: chromosome partitioning protein gp35; BXY_08660; phage(gi255033718)  2e-09  Click
17 complement(997063..997479)  hypothetical protein; BXY_08670  N/A  Click
18 complement(997607..998419)  PHAGE_Haemop_Aaphi23: putative DNA replication protein O; BXY_08680; phage(gi31544014)  1e-08  Click
19 complement(998455..998919)  PHAGE_Riemer_RAP44: bacteriophage lambda NinG protein; BXY_08690; phage(gi418489893)  6e-18  Click
20 complement(998925..1000082)  PHAGE_Vibrio_pYD21_A: helicase; BXY_08700; phage(gi472340490)  1e-39  Click
21 complement(1000079..1000354)  PHAGE_Staphy_phiNM3: hypothetical protein; BXY_08710; phage(gi118725090)  2e-05  Click
22 complement(1000347..1001015)  hypothetical protein; BXY_08720  N/A  Click
23 complement(1001034..1001486)  hypothetical protein; BXY_08730  N/A  Click
24 complement(1001493..1001942)  PHAGE_Bacter_B124_14: putative single-stranded DNA binding protein; BXY_08740; phage(gi374671651)  8e-23  Click
25 complement(1001939..1002853)  PHAGE_Bacter_B124_14: hypothetical protein; BXY_08750; phage(gi374671603)  4e-47  Click
26 complement(1002859..1003641)  PHAGE_Salmon_vB_SemP_Emek: Erf; BXY_08760; phage(gi399498831)  1e-10  Click
27 1004085..1004097  attR    ACATCACGCATAT  N/A  Click
Region 2, total : 23 CDS
1 4984028..4985830  PHAGE_Staphy_JD007: glycerophosphoryl diester phosphodiesterase; BXY_40460; phage(gi428783010)  6e-10  Click
2 4985846..4986739  PHAGE_Staphy_JD007: glycerophosphoryl diester phosphodiesterase; BXY_40470; phage(gi428783010)  3e-12  Click
3 4988227..4988239  attL    AAAGTTTTATGGA  N/A  Click
4 4988235..4988369  hypothetical protein; BXY_40500  N/A  Click
5 4988378..4988623  hypothetical protein; BXY_40510  N/A  Click
6 4988680..4988877  Phage derived protein Gp49-like (DUF891).; BXY_40520  N/A  Click
7 4988999..4989301  PHAGE_Xantho_vB_XveM_DIBBI: regulatory protein; BXY_40530; phage(gi389060430)  5e-06  Click
8 4989399..4989692  PHAGE_Riemer_RAP44: DUF2136 superfamily protein; BXY_40540; phage(gi418489860)  4e-21  Click
9 4989697..4990062  PHAGE_Entero_4795: hypothetical protein PBV4795_ORF21; BXY_40550; phage(gi157166006)  6e-07  Click
10 4990085..4990216  hypothetical protein; BXY_40560  N/A  Click
11 complement(4990305..4992422)  PHAGE_Lactoc_bIL312: helicase; BXY_40570; phage(gi13095906)  3e-11  Click
12 complement(4992510..4992740)  hypothetical protein; BXY_40580  N/A  Click
13 4992934..4993437  DNA-binding protein, histone-like, putative; BXY_40590  N/A  Click
14 4993434..4993625  hypothetical protein; BXY_40600  N/A  Click
15 4993612..4994055  PHAGE_Haemop_SuMu: putative N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidase; BXY_40610; phage(gi418489052)  1e-27  Click
16 complement(4994083..4994781)  PHAGE_Bacill_BCD7: putative radical activating enzyme; BXY_40620; phage(gi422935982)  4e-06  Click
17 complement(4994827..4997055)  PHAGE_Escher_bV_EcoS_AKFV33: putative acetyltransferase-related protein; BXY_40630; phage(gi388570416)  9e-16  Click
18 4997058..4997198  hypothetical protein; BXY_40640  N/A  Click
19 complement(4997668..4998264)  hypothetical protein; BXY_40650  N/A  Click
20 complement(4998315..4999817)  hypothetical protein; BXY_40660  N/A  Click
21 complement(4999830..5000528)  hypothetical protein; BXY_40670  N/A  Click
22 complement(5000531..5001790)  PHAGE_Bathyc_BpV1: hypothetical protein; BXY_40680; phage(gi313768111)  4e-10  Click
23 5002040..5003338  Phage integrase family.; BXY_40690  N/A  Click
24 5003361..5004692  Phage integrase family.; BXY_40700  N/A  Click
25 5010793..5010805  attR    AAAGTTTTATGGA  N/A  Click