Definition Bacillus thuringiensis serovar chinensis CT-43, complete genome.
Accession CP001907
Length 5,486,830
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Hits against Virus and prophage DB
Hits against Bacterial DB or GenBank file
Region 1, total : 51 CDS
1 694975..696228  PHAGE_Staphy_SpaA1: DNA-binding protein containing XRE family HTH domain; CT43_CH0602; phage(gi399498893)  2e-89  Click
2 complement(696523..696867)  PHAGE_Staphy_SpaA1: XRE family transcriptional regulator; CT43_CH0603; phage(gi399498895)  6e-60  Click
3 697016..697252  PHAGE_Staphy_SpaA1: XRE family transcriptional regulator; CT43_CH0604; phage(gi399498896)  7e-37  Click
4 697285..697473  PHAGE_Staphy_SpaA1: transcriptional regulator, pbsX; CT43_CH0605; phage(gi399498897)  2e-25  Click
5 697494..698141  PHAGE_Staphy_SpaA1: sigma70, RNA polymerase sigma factor; CT43_CH0606; phage(gi399498902)  1e-89  Click
6 698419..698712  PHAGE_Staphy_SpaA1: phage related protein; CT43_CH0607; phage(gi399498901)  8e-30  Click
7 698734..698994  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH0608  N/A  Click
8 699066..699494  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH0609  N/A  Click
9 699875..700810  PHAGE_Bacill_1: Putative endonuclease; CT43_CH0610; phage(gi155042966)  2e-102  Click
10 700832..701638  PHAGE_Geobac_GBSV1: DNA-binding phage-related protein; CT43_CH0611; phage(gi115334612)  2e-71  Click
11 701810..702613  PHAGE_Staphy_P954: hypothetical protein; CT43_CH0612; phage(gi257136376)  6e-42  Click
12 702711..703454  PHAGE_Lister_B054: gp53; CT43_CH0613; phage(gi157325337)  1e-39  Click
13 703487..703987  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH0614  N/A  Click
14 complement(704176..704439)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH0615  N/A  Click
15 704441..705109  PHAGE_Lister_B054: gp58; CT43_CH0616; phage(gi157325342)  3e-18  Click
16 705081..705668  PHAGE_Staphy_SpaA1: Zn-finger protein fused to HTH domain; CT43_CH0617; phage(gi399498916)  5e-11  Click
17 705641..705820  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH0618  N/A  Click
18 706040..706252  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH0619  N/A  Click
19 706239..706970  PHAGE_Bacill_WBeta: putative RNA polymerase sigma subunit; CT43_CH0620; phage(gi85701416)  8e-59  Click
20 707203..707367  PHAGE_Bacill_BtCS33: hypothetical protein; CT43_CH0621; phage(gi392972755)  1e-07  Click
21 707546..707728  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH0622  N/A  Click
22 707763..708560  PHAGE_Staphy_37: ORF016; CT43_CH0623; phage(gi66395745)  9e-70  Click
23 709230..709604  PHAGE_Bacill_phi105: hypothetical protein phi105_47; CT43_CH0624; phage(gi22855040)  3e-20  Click
24 709966..710181  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH0625  N/A  Click
25 710466..710621  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1881; CT43_CH0626; phage(gi31415775)  9e-11  Click
26 710683..710889  Phage protein; CT43_CH0627  N/A  Click
27 711042..711614  PHAGE_Entero_2: DNA-invertase; CT43_CH0628; phage(gi169936026)  1e-45  Click
28 711657..712193  PHAGE_Lactoc_Tuc2009: hypothetical protein Tuc2009_28; CT43_CH0629; phage(gi13487829)  2e-40  Click
29 712207..713622  PHAGE_Lister_B054: TerL; CT43_CH0630; phage(gi157325286)  4e-109  Click
30 713619..713849  Phage protein; CT43_CH0631  N/A  Click
31 713863..714063  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH0632  N/A  Click
32 714121..716244  PHAGE_Human__8: LANA; CT43_CH0633; phage(gi139472804)  7e-08  Click
33 716520..716771  PHAGE_Staphy_SpaA1: phage related protein; CT43_CH0634; phage(gi399498923)  2e-11  Click
34 716768..717031  PHAGE_Staphy_SpaA1: phage related protein gp64; CT43_CH0635; phage(gi399498869)  8e-17  Click
35 717031..717285  PHAGE_Bacill_BMBtp2: hypothetical protein; CT43_CH0636; phage(gi431809501)  8e-25  Click
36 717369..718217  PHAGE_Human__8: LANA; CT43_CH0637; phage(gi139472804)  3e-06  Click
37 718233..719423  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH0638  N/A  Click
38 719476..719946  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH0639  N/A  Click
39 719903..720475  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH0640  N/A  Click
40 720492..722000  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH0641  N/A  Click
41 721975..722382  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH0642  N/A  Click
42 722394..723818  PHAGE_Megavi_chiliensis: hypothetical protein; CT43_CH0643; phage(gi363539988)  4e-08  Click
43 723831..728099  PHAGE_Vibrio_VvAW1: DNA methylase; CT43_CH0644; phage(gi460042889)  1e-46  Click
44 728151..728381  PHAGE_Bacill_SPBc2: possibly involved in bacteriocin production or immunity; CT43_CH0645; phage(gi9630150)  7e-05  Click
45 728381..729085  PHAGE_Bacill_WBeta: phage lysin N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidase; CT43_CH0646; phage(gi85701396)  6e-74  Click
46 complement(729212..729610)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH0647  N/A  Click
47 complement(730408..730632)  PHAGE_Staphy_SpaA1: XRE family transcriptional regulator; CT43_CH0648; phage(gi399498887)  2e-09  Click
48 731107..731427  PHAGE_Staphy_SpaA1: phage related membrane protein; CT43_CH0649; phage(gi399498888)  4e-54  Click
49 731438..732604  PHAGE_Staphy_SpaA1: cell divisionFtsK/SpoIIIE; CT43_CH0650; phage(gi399498889)  0.0  Click
50 732594..733202  PHAGE_Staphy_SpaA1: DNA-binding protein containing HTH domain; CT43_CH0651; phage(gi399498890)  2e-113  Click
51 complement(733207..734088)  PHAGE_Staphy_SpaA1: DNA replication protein, HTH and DnaB-like domains; CT43_CH0652; phage(gi399498891)  4e-161  Click
Region 2, total : 14 CDS
1 1021860..1022633  PHAGE_Bacill_BCP78: putative RNA polymerase sigma 28 subunit SigF; CT43_CH0939; phage(gi410492877)  1e-20  Click
2 1022697..1023143  bacterioferritin; CT43_CH0940  N/A  Click
3 1023316..1024458  PHAGE_Ectoca_1: EsV-1-65; CT43_CH0941; phage(gi13242537)  3e-08  Click
4 complement(1024498..1025355)  chemotaxis protein methyltransferase; CT43_CH0942  N/A  Click
5 complement(1025372..1028062)  PHAGE_Ectoca_1: EsV-1-65; CT43_CH0943; phage(gi13242537)  8e-43  Click
6 1028755..1028895  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH0944  N/A  Click
7 1028932..1029462  PHAGE_Bacill_phiAGATE: putative tail lysin 2; CT43_CH0945; phage(gi448260828)  3e-05  Click
8 1029602..1029805  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH0946  N/A  Click
9 1029948..1030259  PHAGE_Rhodov_RS1: hypothetical protein; CT43_CH0947; phage(gi472342875)  4e-15  Click
10 1030358..1031038  PROPHAGE_Ralsto_GMI1000: ISRSO11-transposase ORFA protein; CT43_CH0948; phage(gi17546156)  1e-07  Click
11 1031098..1031919  PROPHAGE_Ralsto_GMI1000: isrso11-transposase orfb protein; CT43_CH0949; phage(gi17546155)  4e-54  Click
12 1032282..1032428  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH0950  N/A  Click
13 complement(1032525..1032830)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH0951  N/A  Click
14 complement(1033058..1034863)  PHAGE_Bordet_1: reverse transcriptase; CT43_CH0952; phage(gi45569499)  6e-09  Click
Region 3, total : 18 CDS
1 complement(1224209..1225054)  PHAGE_Megavi_lba: macrocin o-methyltransferase; CT43_CH1143; phage(gi448826129)  3e-33  Click
2 complement(1225177..1225563)  collagen-like exosporium surface protein; CT43_CH1145  N/A  Click
3 1225829..1226077  PHAGE_Singap_iridovirus: hypothetical protein ORF056R; CT43_CH1144; phage(gi56692693)  6e-17  Click
4 1227564..1228253  PHAGE_Bathyc_BpV1: hypothetical protein; CT43_CH1147; phage(gi313768071)  2e-05  Click
5 1228370..1228936  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH1148  N/A  Click
6 1228951..1229631  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH1149  N/A  Click
7 1229646..1230383  PHAGE_Escher_phAPEC8: putative glucose-1-phosphate thymidylyltransferase; CT43_CH1150; phage(gi448260372)  1e-50  Click
8 1230392..1230937  PHAGE_Escher_phAPEC8: putative dTDP-4-dehydrorhamnose 3,5-epimerase; CT43_CH1151; phage(gi448260371)  5e-30  Click
9 1230953..1231924  PHAGE_Escher_phAPEC8: putative dTDP-glucose 4,6-dehydratase; CT43_CH1152; phage(gi448260373)  5e-70  Click
10 1231937..1232791  PHAGE_Escher_phAPEC8: putative dTDP-4-dehydrorhamnose reductase; CT43_CH1153; phage(gi448260370)  2e-37  Click
11 1232900..1233670  enoyl-(acyl carrier protein) reductase; CT43_CH1154  N/A  Click
12 1233833..1234057  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH1155  N/A  Click
13 complement(1234435..1234899)  spore coat protein Y; CT43_CH1156  N/A  Click
14 1235025..1235384  PHAGE_Actino_phiAsp2: Pas3; CT43_CH1157; phage(gi48697404)  3e-06  Click
15 1235495..1235671  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH1158  N/A  Click
16 complement(1235747..1236250)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH1159  N/A  Click
17 complement(1236418..1236885)  spore coat protein Y; CT43_CH1160  N/A  Click
18 complement(1237028..1239094)  PHAGE_Bacill_36: PcrA helicase; CT43_CH1161; phage(gi156564011)  4e-80  Click
Region 4, total : 83 CDS
1 1826113..1826124  attL    AAATGATTCACG  N/A  Click
2 1834397..1835494  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: Prophage helix-turn-helix protein; CT43_CH1787; phage(gi31415742)  0.0  Click
3 1835508..1835642  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH1788  N/A  Click
4 1835765..1835938  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1849; CT43_CH1789; phage(gi31415743)  8e-23  Click
5 complement(1835961..1836299)  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: Transcriptional regulator; CT43_CH1790; phage(gi31415744)  1e-57  Click
6 1836470..1836871  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: Transcriptional regulator; CT43_CH1791; phage(gi31415745)  2e-38  Click
7 1836877..1837023  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH1792  N/A  Click
8 1837189..1837202  attL    CACACCAAATAAAC  N/A  Click
9 complement(1837230..1838426)  PROPHAGE_Escher_CFT073: transposase; CT43_CH1793; phage(gi26248352)  3e-19  Click
10 1838626..1838639  attL    ACAAATTTAAGTAT  N/A  Click
11 1838723..1838884  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH1794  N/A  Click
12 1838871..1840424  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: Exonuclease SbcC; CT43_CH1795; phage(gi31415746)  0.0  Click
13 1840438..1840740  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1853; CT43_CH1796; phage(gi31415747)  1e-46  Click
14 1840740..1840973  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical Cytosolic Protein; CT43_CH1797; phage(gi31415748)  7e-35  Click
15 1840987..1841622  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: Chromosome segregation ATPases; CT43_CH1798; phage(gi31415749)  3e-113  Click
16 1841639..1842004  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1856; CT43_CH1799; phage(gi31415750)  3e-25  Click
17 1842079..1843062  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: Exonuclease SbcD; CT43_CH1800; phage(gi31415751)  2e-177  Click
18 1843059..1843361  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1858; CT43_CH1801; phage(gi31415752)  9e-53  Click
19 1843354..1843905  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1859; CT43_CH1802; phage(gi31415753)  9e-95  Click
20 1843915..1844433  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1860; CT43_CH1803; phage(gi31415754)  6e-95  Click
21 1844754..1846094  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: DNA/RNA helicase (DEAD/DEAH box family); CT43_CH1804; phage(gi31415755)  2e-138  Click
22 1846184..1846426  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH1805  N/A  Click
23 1846426..1847169  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1862; CT43_CH1806; phage(gi31415756)  1e-129  Click
24 1847189..1850275  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: MCM domain family protein; CT43_CH1807; phage(gi31415757)  0.0  Click
25 1850299..1852725  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: DNA polymerase I; CT43_CH1808; phage(gi31415758)  0.0  Click
26 1852729..1853001  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH1809  N/A  Click
27 1852964..1853221  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1865; CT43_CH1810; phage(gi31415759)  3e-40  Click
28 1853247..1853612  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1866; CT43_CH1811; phage(gi31415760)  7e-42  Click
29 1853618..1853755  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH1812  N/A  Click
30 1853755..1854078  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1867; CT43_CH1813; phage(gi31415761)  5e-46  Click
31 1854075..1854614  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1868; CT43_CH1814; phage(gi31415762)  1e-53  Click
32 1854629..1855405  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1869; CT43_CH1815; phage(gi31415763)  5e-142  Click
33 1855617..1855946  PHAGE_Bacill_BCP78: hypothetical protein; CT43_CH1816; phage(gi410492902)  3e-05  Click
34 1855994..1856302  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH1817  N/A  Click
35 1856340..1857320  PHAGE_Salico_CGphi29: DNA methylase; CT43_CH1818; phage(gi472340158)  2e-84  Click
36 1857562..1858059  NADH dehydrogenase subunit 3; CT43_CH1819  N/A  Click
37 1858111..1858278  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH1820  N/A  Click
38 1859406..1859816  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1876; CT43_CH1821; phage(gi31415770)  2e-61  Click
39 1859813..1860466  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH1822  N/A  Click
40 1860588..1860905  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: Transglycosylase; CT43_CH1823; phage(gi31415773)  2e-52  Click
41 1860922..1861839  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1880; CT43_CH1824; phage(gi31415774)  4e-163  Click
42 1861842..1861988  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1881; CT43_CH1825; phage(gi31415775)  8e-20  Click
43 1862114..1862335  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1882; CT43_CH1826; phage(gi31415776)  1e-27  Click
44 1862332..1862613  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: Transcription state regulatory protein abrB; CT43_CH1827; phage(gi31415778)  3e-46  Click
45 1862615..1862812  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1885; CT43_CH1828; phage(gi31415779)  2e-30  Click
46 1863009..1863533  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1887; CT43_CH1829; phage(gi31415781)  2e-82  Click
47 1863530..1863712  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH1830  N/A  Click
48 1863702..1864028  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1888; CT43_CH1831; phage(gi31415782)  2e-53  Click
49 1865076..1865639  PHAGE_Clostr_phiCD38_2: recombinase/resolvase; CT43_CH1832; phage(gi333798162)  2e-44  Click
50 1865834..1866265  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1890; CT43_CH1833; phage(gi31415784)  6e-76  Click
51 1866282..1867997  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1891; CT43_CH1834; phage(gi31415785)  0.0  Click
52 1868014..1869531  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1892; CT43_CH1835; phage(gi31415786)  0.0  Click
53 1869605..1870369  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: Scaffold protein; CT43_CH1836; phage(gi31415787)  2e-126  Click
54 1870430..1871554  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1894; CT43_CH1837; phage(gi31415788)  0.0  Click
55 1871604..1871828  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1895; CT43_CH1838; phage(gi31415789)  1e-34  Click
56 1871858..1872199  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1896; CT43_CH1839; phage(gi31415790)  1e-56  Click
57 1872204..1873010  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1897; CT43_CH1840; phage(gi31415791)  5e-148  Click
58 1873014..1873388  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1898; CT43_CH1841; phage(gi31415792)  2e-63  Click
59 1873388..1873747  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1899; CT43_CH1842; phage(gi31415793)  2e-62  Click
60 1873750..1874157  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1900; CT43_CH1843; phage(gi31415813)  4e-73  Click
61 1874171..1874677  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1901; CT43_CH1844; phage(gi31415794)  2e-91  Click
62 1874701..1875060  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1902; CT43_CH1845; phage(gi31415795)  9e-61  Click
63 1875047..1875262  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1903; CT43_CH1846; phage(gi31415796)  1e-33  Click
64 1875330..1875707  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1904; CT43_CH1847; phage(gi31415797)  6e-67  Click
65 1875797..1876051  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1905; CT43_CH1848; phage(gi31415798)  5e-40  Click
66 1876088..1879984  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1906; CT43_CH1849; phage(gi31415799)  0.0  Click
67 1879999..1881495  PHAGE_Staphy_SpaA1: phage tail fiber protein; CT43_CH1850; phage(gi399498880)  0.0  Click
68 1881492..1886471  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1908; CT43_CH1851; phage(gi31415800)  0.0  Click
69 1886483..1886863  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH1852  N/A  Click
70 1886963..1887922  PHAGE_Bacill_BtCS33: site-specific recombinase; CT43_CH1853; phage(gi392972725)  7e-178  Click
71 1887938..1888363  PHAGE_Bacill_WBeta: phage holin; CT43_CH1854; phage(gi85701395)  4e-71  Click
72 1888363..1889196  PHAGE_Staphy_SpaA1: N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidase; CT43_CH1855; phage(gi399498885)  2e-147  Click
73 complement(1889251..1889517)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH1856  N/A  Click
74 complement(1889627..1889770)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH1857  N/A  Click
75 complement(1889797..1890399)  PHAGE_Geobac_E2: hypothetical protein GBVE2_gp025; CT43_CH1858; phage(gi148747752)  2e-21  Click
76 1890451..1890464  attR    ACAAATTTAAGTAT  N/A  Click
77 complement(1890498..1890734)  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1914; CT43_CH1859; phage(gi31415806)  2e-21  Click
78 1892041..1892307  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1916; CT43_CH1860; phage(gi31415808)  2e-39  Click
79 1892307..1892609  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1917; CT43_CH1861; phage(gi31415809)  2e-50  Click
80 1892606..1892788  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1918; CT43_CH1862; phage(gi31415810)  1e-26  Click
81 1892904..1894088  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1919; CT43_CH1863; phage(gi31415815)  1e-145  Click
82 1894066..1894653  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: hypothetical protein BC1920; CT43_CH1864; phage(gi31415811)  2e-106  Click
83 1894894..1895082  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH1865  N/A  Click
84 1895102..1895317  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH1866  N/A  Click
85 1895637..1896323  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: Site-specific recombinase; CT43_CH1867; phage(gi31415812)  2e-116  Click
86 1896349..1896362  attR    CACACCAAATAAAC  N/A  Click
87 complement(1896386..1897822)  PROPHAGE_Escher_MG1655: IS186 transposase; CT43_CH1868; phage(gi90111427)  5e-08  Click
88 1898000..1898767  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: Site-specific recombinase; CT43_CH1869; phage(gi31415812)  2e-146  Click
89 1910313..1910324  attR    AAATGATTCACG  N/A  Click
Region 5, total : 25 CDS
1 2350991..2352787  PHAGE_Bacill_SPBc2: ABC transporter; CT43_CH2332; phage(gi9630145)  3e-41  Click
2 complement(2352872..2353402)  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: Collagen triple helix repeat protein; CT43_CH2333; phage(gi31415835)  4e-70  Click
3 2353876..2353892  attL    TACGTGGTATTGTAATA  N/A  Click
4 2353964..2354086  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH2334  N/A  Click
5 2354106..2354435  PHAGE_Myxoco_Mx8: hypothetical protein Mx8p26; CT43_CH2335; phage(gi15320596)  2e-05  Click
6 2354466..2354588  PHAGE_Bacill_36: MazG nucleotide pyrophosphohydrolase; CT43_CH2336; phage(gi156564004)  6e-07  Click
7 complement(2354877..2355263)  spore appendage protein; CT43_CH2337  N/A  Click
8 complement(2355810..2356169)  cell division protein DIVIC; CT43_CH2338  N/A  Click
9 2356941..2357063  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH2339  N/A  Click
10 2357371..2357541  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2573; CT43_CH2340; phage(gi31415838)  5e-25  Click
11 2357569..2358051  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2574; CT43_CH2341; phage(gi31415839)  2e-88  Click
12 2358051..2358593  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: DNA integration/recombination/invertion protein; CT43_CH2342; phage(gi31415840)  2e-97  Click
13 2359120..2359974  PHAGE_Mycoba_Pukovnik: gp62; CT43_CH2343; phage(gi192824238)  9e-07  Click
14 complement(2360147..2360347)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH2344  N/A  Click
15 2360952..2361578  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH2345  N/A  Click
16 2361951..2362115  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH2346  N/A  Click
17 2362506..2362751  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH2347  N/A  Click
18 2363160..2363630  PHAGE_Clostr_phiCD6356: putative terminase small subunit; CT43_CH2348; phage(gi326536848)  6e-25  Click
19 2363633..2364364  PHAGE_Clostr_phiCD6356: putative terminase large subunit; CT43_CH2349; phage(gi326536849)  6e-56  Click
20 2364364..2364603  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: holin; CT43_CH2350; phage(gi31415802)  4e-34  Click
21 2364600..2365649  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidase; CT43_CH2351; phage(gi31415803)  0.0  Click
22 complement(2365708..2366049)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH2352  N/A  Click
23 complement(2366075..2367565)  PHAGE_Bacill_SPBc2: hypothetical protein SPBc2p009; CT43_CH2353; phage(gi9630134)  1e-10  Click
24 2367813..2367829  attR    TACGTGGTATTGTAATA  N/A  Click
25 complement(2368416..2369135)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH2354  N/A  Click
26 complement(2369378..2369962)  amino acid transporter LysE; CT43_CH2355  N/A  Click
27 2370078..2370635  PHAGE_Thermo_THSA_485A: transcriptional regulator, XRE family; CT43_CH2356; phage(gi397912660)  1e-06  Click
Region 6, total : 60 CDS
1 2588715..2588726  attL    TTTTATTAGGGG  N/A  Click
2 2595013..2595255  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2552; CT43_CH2543; phage(gi31415817)  7e-40  Click
3 2595804..2596133  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2553; CT43_CH2544; phage(gi31415818)  1e-64  Click
4 2596623..2597102  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2554; CT43_CH2545; phage(gi31415819)  2e-85  Click
5 2597414..2598115  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2555; CT43_CH2546; phage(gi31415820)  3e-135  Click
6 complement(2598154..2599263)  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: DNA integration/recombination/invertion protein; CT43_CH2547; phage(gi31415821)  0.0  Click
7 2599495..2599968  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH2548  N/A  Click
8 2600165..2600176  attL    AATGGAATTATA  N/A  Click
9 2600202..2600663  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH2549  N/A  Click
10 2601324..2602532  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: helix-turn-helix protein; CT43_CH2550; phage(gi31415822)  0.0  Click
11 2602559..2602714  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH2551  N/A  Click
12 complement(2602975..2603325)  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: Transcriptional regulator; CT43_CH2552; phage(gi31415823)  8e-60  Click
13 2603509..2603805  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2559; CT43_CH2553; phage(gi31415824)  4e-49  Click
14 2604021..2604287  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2560; CT43_CH2554; phage(gi31415825)  3e-43  Click
15 2604287..2604451  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2561; CT43_CH2555; phage(gi31415826)  7e-26  Click
16 2604481..2604657  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2562; CT43_CH2556; phage(gi31415827)  4e-28  Click
17 2604662..2605396  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: replication protein; CT43_CH2557; phage(gi31415828)  1e-114  Click
18 2605365..2606168  PHAGE_Bacill_IEBH: DNA replication protein DnaC; CT43_CH2558; phage(gi197261519)  5e-143  Click
19 2606183..2606377  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2565; CT43_CH2559; phage(gi31415830)  7e-26  Click
20 2606394..2606804  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH2560  N/A  Click
21 complement(2606837..2607091)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH2561  N/A  Click
22 2607179..2607322  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: Transcription state regulatory protein abrB; CT43_CH2562; phage(gi31415778)  5e-08  Click
23 complement(2607434..2608870)  PROPHAGE_Escher_MG1655: IS186 transposase; CT43_CH2563; phage(gi90111427)  5e-08  Click
24 2609117..2609476  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH2564  N/A  Click
25 2609494..2609661  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2566; CT43_CH2565; phage(gi31415831)  5e-15  Click
26 2609687..2609938  PHAGE_Clostr_PhiS63: gp39; CT43_CH2566; phage(gi388570665)  8e-06  Click
27 2609941..2610054  Phage protein; CT43_CH2567  N/A  Click
28 complement(2610051..2610779)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH2568  N/A  Click
29 complement(2611055..2611843)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH2569  N/A  Click
30 complement(2612752..2613111)  cell division protein DIVIC; CT43_CH2570  N/A  Click
31 2613259..2613462  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH2571  N/A  Click
32 complement(2613556..2613720)  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2571; CT43_CH2572; phage(gi31415836)  2e-10  Click
33 2613823..2613945  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH2573  N/A  Click
34 2613966..2614154  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2572; CT43_CH2574; phage(gi31415837)  2e-26  Click
35 2614253..2614423  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2573; CT43_CH2575; phage(gi31415838)  8e-23  Click
36 2614444..2614914  PHAGE_Geobac_GBSV1: hypothetical protein GPGV1_gp11; CT43_CH2576; phage(gi115334621)  1e-29  Click
37 2614911..2615453  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: DNA integration/recombination/invertion protein; CT43_CH2577; phage(gi31415840)  1e-53  Click
38 2615578..2616234  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH2578  N/A  Click
39 2617810..2618739  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH2580  N/A  Click
40 2619120..2619341  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH2581  N/A  Click
41 2620287..2620757  PHAGE_Clostr_phiCD6356: putative terminase small subunit; CT43_CH2582; phage(gi326536848)  6e-25  Click
42 2620760..2622436  PHAGE_Clostr_phiCD6356: putative terminase large subunit; CT43_CH2583; phage(gi326536849)  3e-132  Click
43 2622453..2623697  PHAGE_Clostr_phiCD6356: putative phage portal protein; CT43_CH2584; phage(gi326536850)  4e-68  Click
44 2623714..2624346  PHAGE_Entero_mEp213: head maturation protease; CT43_CH2585; phage(gi428782594)  9e-26  Click
45 2624360..2625484  PHAGE_Lister_2389: major capsid protein a; CT43_CH2586; phage(gi17488508)  2e-100  Click
46 2625498..2625821  PHAGE_Clostr_phiCD6356: hypothetical protein; CT43_CH2587; phage(gi326536853)  3e-11  Click
47 2625811..2626167  PHAGE_Lister_2389: Gp7 protein; CT43_CH2588; phage(gi17488510)  6e-07  Click
48 2626154..2626534  PHAGE_Lister_2389: Gp8 protein; CT43_CH2589; phage(gi17488511)  2e-13  Click
49 2626524..2626934  PHAGE_Lister_2389: Gp9 protein; CT43_CH2590; phage(gi17488512)  4e-14  Click
50 2626936..2627505  PHAGE_Lister_2389: major tail protein b; CT43_CH2591; phage(gi29789897)  1e-42  Click
51 2627567..2627917  PHAGE_Lister_2389: Gp11 protein; CT43_CH2592; phage(gi17488514)  2e-09  Click
52 2628100..2631930  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2594; CT43_CH2593; phage(gi31415859)  3e-84  Click
53 2631923..2632609  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: Gp13 protein; CT43_CH2594; phage(gi31415860)  1e-66  Click
54 2632606..2635335  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: endopeptidase; CT43_CH2595; phage(gi31415861)  0.0  Click
55 2635373..2635606  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: XpaF1 protein; CT43_CH2596; phage(gi31415801)  4e-30  Click
56 complement(2635701..2636894)  PROPHAGE_Escher_CFT073: transposase; CT43_CH2597; phage(gi26248352)  2e-19  Click
57 2637192..2637431  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: holin; CT43_CH2598; phage(gi31415802)  2e-34  Click
58 2637428..2638492  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A51: N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidase; CT43_CH2599; phage(gi31415803)  0.0  Click
59 complement(2638575..2639039)  PHAGE_Xantho_CP2: hypothetical protein; CT43_CH2601; phage(gi448245177)  9e-28  Click
60 2639014..2639442  triple helix repeat-containing collagen; CT43_CH2600  N/A  Click
61 2639579..2639590  attR    AATGGAATTATA  N/A  Click
62 complement(2639707..2640006)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH2602  N/A  Click
63 complement(2640025..2641434)  PHAGE_Bacill_SPBc2: hypothetical protein SPBc2p009; CT43_CH2603; phage(gi9630134)  8e-14  Click
64 2655093..2655104  attR    TTTTATTAGGGG  N/A  Click
Region 7, total : 46 CDS
1 3773368..3773381  attL    TGAATTTTTCATTT  N/A  Click
2 complement(3779906..3784291)  PHAGE_Bacill_BtCS33: minor structural protein; CT43_CH3753; phage(gi392972724)  0.0  Click
3 complement(3784288..3785745)  PHAGE_Staphy_SpaA1: phage tail fiber protein; CT43_CH3754; phage(gi399498880)  2e-170  Click
4 complement(3785787..3789413)  PHAGE_Bacill_1: TMP repeat protein; CT43_CH3755; phage(gi155042946)  0.0  Click
5 complement(3789431..3789685)  PHAGE_Bacill_1: hypothetical protein BV1_gp30; CT43_CH3756; phage(gi155042945)  1e-05  Click
6 complement(3789636..3790007)  PHAGE_Bacill_1: hypothetical protein BV1_gp29; CT43_CH3757; phage(gi155042944)  3e-28  Click
7 complement(3790012..3790599)  PHAGE_Bacill_1: hypothetical protein BV1_gp28; CT43_CH3758; phage(gi155042943)  1e-41  Click
8 complement(3790600..3790935)  PHAGE_Bacill_1: Putative aminopeptidase; CT43_CH3759; phage(gi155042942)  6e-22  Click
9 complement(3790932..3791276)  PHAGE_Bacill_1: hypothetical protein BV1_gp26; CT43_CH3760; phage(gi155042941)  3e-19  Click
10 complement(3791278..3791628)  PHAGE_Geobac_E2: putative head-tail adaptor; CT43_CH3761; phage(gi148747735)  7e-21  Click
11 complement(3791630..3791926)  PHAGE_Lister_B025: gp7; CT43_CH3762; phage(gi157325224)  1e-16  Click
12 complement(3791939..3793102)  PHAGE_Staphy_phi5967PVL: phage major capsid protein; CT43_CH3763; phage(gi431810272)  9e-67  Click
13 complement(3793122..3793898)  PHAGE_Clostr_phiSM101: putative endopeptidase; CT43_CH3764; phage(gi110804048)  6e-54  Click
14 complement(3793882..3795027)  PHAGE_Staphy_phi5967PVL: phage portal protein; CT43_CH3765; phage(gi431810270)  1e-86  Click
15 complement(3795054..3796712)  PHAGE_Lister_B025: putative terminase large subunit; CT43_CH3766; phage(gi157325219)  0.0  Click
16 complement(3796709..3797044)  PHAGE_Clostr_phiCD6356: putative terminase small subunit; CT43_CH3767; phage(gi326536848)  1e-13  Click
17 3797078..3797089  attL    AATTTGATATAA  N/A  Click
18 complement(3797197..3797538)  PHAGE_Lister_B025: gp65; CT43_CH3768; phage(gi157325282)  2e-31  Click
19 complement(3797519..3797932)  PHAGE_Bacill_WBeta: hypothetical protein wp48; CT43_CH3769; phage(gi85701427)  7e-33  Click
20 complement(3797946..3798167)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH3770  N/A  Click
21 complement(3798160..3798327)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH3771  N/A  Click
22 complement(3798784..3798951)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH3772  N/A  Click
23 complement(3799430..3799648)  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2577; CT43_CH3773; phage(gi31415842)  5e-36  Click
24 complement(3800071..3801021)  inosine-uridine preferring nucleoside hydrolase; CT43_CH3774  N/A  Click
25 complement(3801235..3801777)  PHAGE_Bacill_BtCS33: integrase; CT43_CH3775; phage(gi392972759)  3e-89  Click
26 complement(3801777..3802259)  PHAGE_Bacill_1: hypothetical protein BV1_gp59; CT43_CH3776; phage(gi158348419)  3e-19  Click
27 complement(3802287..3802430)  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2573; CT43_CH3777; phage(gi31415838)  7e-13  Click
28 complement(3802560..3802691)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH3778  N/A  Click
29 3802928..3803143  spore germination protein PF; CT43_CH3779  N/A  Click
30 3803405..3804154  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: Collagen triple helix repeat protein; CT43_CH3780; phage(gi31415835)  5e-39  Click
31 complement(3804615..3804740)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH3781  N/A  Click
32 complement(3804911..3805132)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH3782  N/A  Click
33 complement(3805168..3805359)  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2566; CT43_CH3783; phage(gi31415831)  5e-08  Click
34 complement(3805433..3805795)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH3784  N/A  Click
35 complement(3805770..3805958)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH3785  N/A  Click
36 complement(3805961..3807283)  PHAGE_Bacill_SPP1: hypothetical protein SPP1p086; CT43_CH3786; phage(gi22855127)  8e-96  Click
37 complement(3807280..3808227)  PHAGE_Geobac_E2: putative replication protein; CT43_CH3787; phage(gi148747766)  2e-64  Click
38 3808435..3808446  attR    AATTTGATATAA  N/A  Click
39 complement(3808507..3808791)  PHAGE_Deep_s_D6E: hypothetical protein; CT43_CH3788; phage(gi423262356)  1e-05  Click
40 complement(3808972..3809193)  PHAGE_Geobac_E2: hypothetical protein GBVE2_gp065; CT43_CH3789; phage(gi158380391)  9e-05  Click
41 complement(3809207..3809794)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH3790  N/A  Click
42 complement(3809885..3810058)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH3791  N/A  Click
43 complement(3810166..3810357)  PbsX family transcriptional regulator; CT43_CH3792  N/A  Click
44 3810530..3810967  PHAGE_Bacill_1: Immunity repressor protein; CT43_CH3793; phage(gi155042959)  3e-17  Click
45 3810980..3811408  PHAGE_Bacill_1: hypothetical protein BV1_gp46; CT43_CH3794; phage(gi155042958)  2e-42  Click
46 3811492..3812304  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH3795  N/A  Click
47 3812362..3813357  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH3796  N/A  Click
48 complement(3813341..3813508)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH3797  N/A  Click
49 3813679..3815226  PHAGE_Bacill_SPBc2: site-specific recombinase; CT43_CH3798; phage(gi9630126)  2e-49  Click
50 3817025..3817038  attR    TGAATTTTTCATTT  N/A  Click
Region 8, total : 54 CDS
1 4904766..4904778  attL    AAATCCATTATTA  N/A  Click
2 complement(4906199..4907080)  PHAGE_Bacill_WBeta: conserved phage protein; CT43_CH4937; phage(gi85701405)  1e-14  Click
3 4907161..4907622  putative cytoplasmic protein; CT43_CH4938  N/A  Click
4 4907945..4908772  PHAGE_Bacill_BCP78: hypothetical protein; CT43_CH4939; phage(gi410492980)  1e-88  Click
5 complement(4908782..4909378)  PHAGE_Bacill_phIS3501: phage protein; CT43_CH4940; phage(gi422934347)  3e-107  Click
6 complement(4909344..4910525)  PHAGE_Bacill_phIS3501: FtsK/SpoIIIE family phage protein; CT43_CH4941; phage(gi422934346)  0.0  Click
7 complement(4910641..4910823)  PHAGE_Bacill_WBeta: conserved phage protein; CT43_CH4942; phage(gi85701400)  1e-26  Click
8 complement(4910820..4911137)  PHAGE_Bacill_phIS3501: phage protein; CT43_CH4943; phage(gi422934345)  4e-56  Click
9 4911320..4911517  PHAGE_Bacill_WBeta: conserved phage protein; CT43_CH4944; phage(gi85701398)  8e-12  Click
10 4911547..4911705  PHAGE_Bacill_WBeta: conserved phage protein; CT43_CH4945; phage(gi85701410)  6e-06  Click
11 4911711..4912289  PHAGE_Bacill_phIS3501: phage protein; CT43_CH4946; phage(gi422934344)  3e-96  Click
12 4912343..4912681  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH4947  N/A  Click
13 complement(4913227..4913928)  PHAGE_Bacill_WBeta: phage lysin N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidase; CT43_CH4948; phage(gi85701396)  6e-80  Click
14 complement(4913928..4914353)  PHAGE_Bacill_phIS3501: holin; CT43_CH4949; phage(gi422934342)  4e-72  Click
15 complement(4914429..4914653)  PHAGE_Bacill_phIS3501: phage protein; CT43_CH4950; phage(gi422934341)  4e-33  Click
16 complement(4914804..4915979)  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2598; CT43_CH4951; phage(gi31415863)  4e-117  Click
17 complement(4915994..4918336)  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: endopeptidase; CT43_CH4952; phage(gi31415861)  0.0  Click
18 complement(4918333..4919016)  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: Gp13 protein; CT43_CH4953; phage(gi31415860)  5e-124  Click
19 complement(4919017..4922409)  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2594; CT43_CH4954; phage(gi31415859)  0.0  Click
20 complement(4922653..4923039)  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2593; CT43_CH4955; phage(gi31415858)  7e-67  Click
21 complement(4923051..4923686)  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2592; CT43_CH4956; phage(gi31415857)  3e-115  Click
22 complement(4923698..4924075)  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2591; CT43_CH4957; phage(gi31415856)  2e-56  Click
23 complement(4924075..4924404)  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2590; CT43_CH4958; phage(gi31415855)  5e-57  Click
24 complement(4924394..4924726)  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2589; CT43_CH4959; phage(gi31415854)  4e-58  Click
25 complement(4924704..4924964)  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2588; CT43_CH4960; phage(gi31415853)  3e-44  Click
26 complement(4924966..4926270)  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: prohead protease; CT43_CH4961; phage(gi31415852)  0.0  Click
27 complement(4926272..4926781)  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: prohead protease; CT43_CH4962; phage(gi31415851)  4e-88  Click
28 4926924..4927181  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH4963  N/A  Click
29 complement(4927350..4928522)  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: Portal protein; CT43_CH4964; phage(gi31415850)  0.0  Click
30 complement(4928538..4930262)  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: Terminase large subunit; CT43_CH4965; phage(gi31415848)  0.0  Click
31 complement(4930259..4930684)  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: Terminase small subunit; CT43_CH4966; phage(gi31415847)  1e-75  Click
32 complement(4931156..4931470)  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2580; CT43_CH4967; phage(gi31415845)  6e-30  Click
33 complement(4931467..4931685)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH4968  N/A  Click
34 complement(4931732..4931929)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH4969  N/A  Click
35 complement(4931987..4932211)  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: hypothetical protein BC2577; CT43_CH4970; phage(gi31415842)  3e-23  Click
36 complement(4932496..4932885)  PHAGE_Bacill_Gamma: conserved phage protein; CT43_CH4971; phage(gi77020164)  3e-37  Click
37 complement(4933169..4933354)  PHAGE_Bacill_WBeta: hypothetical protein wp44; CT43_CH4972; phage(gi85701423)  9e-13  Click
38 complement(4933402..4933689)  PHAGE_Bacill_BtCS33: hypothetical protein; CT43_CH4973; phage(gi392972752)  1e-42  Click
39 complement(4933915..4934313)  PHAGE_Bacill_vB_BceM_Bc431v3: hypothetical protein; CT43_CH4974; phage(gi472437575)  3e-63  Click
40 complement(4934398..4935144)  PHAGE_Bacill_WBeta: putative RNA polymerase sigma subunit; CT43_CH4975; phage(gi85701416)  5e-101  Click
41 complement(4935141..4935365)  PHAGE_Bacill_WBeta: hypothetical protein wp36; CT43_CH4976; phage(gi85701415)  2e-12  Click
42 complement(4935365..4936246)  PHAGE_Bacill_IEBH: DNA replication protein DnaC; CT43_CH4977; phage(gi197261519)  1e-26  Click
43 complement(4936258..4937031)  PHAGE_Staphy_P954: hypothetical protein; CT43_CH4978; phage(gi257136376)  4e-35  Click
44 complement(4937164..4938045)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH4979  N/A  Click
45 complement(4938069..4938743)  PHAGE_Bacill_BMBtp2: phage regulatory protein; CT43_CH4980; phage(gi431809482)  2e-31  Click
46 complement(4938957..4939145)  PHAGE_Staphy_SpaA1: transcriptional regulator, pbsX; CT43_CH4981; phage(gi399498897)  3e-18  Click
47 complement(4939138..4939263)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH4982  N/A  Click
48 complement(4939290..4939535)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH4983  N/A  Click
49 complement(4939917..4941146)  PROPHAGE_Shewan_MR-1: IS110 family transposase; CT43_CH4984; phage(gi24375433)  2e-06  Click
50 4941516..4941845  PHAGE_Bacill_phIS3501: transcriptional regulator XRE family protein; CT43_CH4985; phage(gi422934302)  1e-53  Click
51 complement(4941863..4941988)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH4986  N/A  Click
52 complement(4942120..4942269)  hypothetical protein; CT43_CH4987  N/A  Click
53 complement(4942266..4943519)  PHAGE_Bacill_phBC6A52: helix-turn-helix protein; CT43_CH4988; phage(gi31415822)  2e-12  Click
54 complement(4943666..4943896)  PHAGE_Bacill_phIS3501: hypothetical protein; CT43_CH4989; phage(gi422934300)  4e-34  Click
55 4944491..4944564  tRNA  N/A  Click
56 4944750..4944762  attR    AAATCCATTATTA  N/A  Click
57 4944861..4945922  PHAGE_Bacill_phIS3501: phage integrase; CT43_CH4990; phage(gi422934298)  3e-166  Click