Bacteroides vulgatus ATCC 8482

Names Bacteroides vulgatus ATCC 8482
Accession numbers NC_009614
Background Bacteroides vulgatus is a member of the normal distal human gut microbiota. The distal gut microbiota contain more bacterial cells than all of our body's other microbial communities combined. More than 90% of phylogenetic types belong to two divisions, the Bacteroidetes and the Firmicutes, with the remaining types distributed among eight other divisions. B.vulgatus is the only sequenced Bacteroidetes that possesses a gene coding for a xylanase. It has the largest and most complete set of enzymes that target pectin. (EBI Integr8)
Strain ATCC 8482
Complete Yes
Sequencing centre (14-SEP-2002) National Center for Biotechnology Information, NIH, Bethesda, MD 20894, USA
(21-SEP-2005) Genome Sequencing Center and Center for Genome Science, Washington University in St. Louis, 4444 Forest
Sequencing quality Level 6: Finished
Sequencing depth NA
Sequencing method Sanger
Isolation site human feces
Isolation country NA
Number of replicons 1
Gram staining properties Positive
Shape Bacilli
Mobility No
Flagellar presence No
Number of membranes 2
Oxygen requirements Anaerobic
Optimal temperature NA
Temperature range Mesophilic
Habitat HostAssociated
Biotic relationship Free living
Host name Homo sapiens
Cell arrangement Singles
Sporulation NA
Metabolism NA
Energy source NA
Diseases Opportunistic peritoneal diseases
Pathogenicity No