Helicobacter acinonychis str. Sheeba

Names Helicobacter acinonychis str. Sheeba
Accession numbers NC_008229, NC_008230
Background Helicobacter acinonychis strain Sheeba is the causative agent of severe gastritis in large felines such as tigers, lions and cheetahs. H. acinonychis arose 200000 years ago via a host jump of H.pylori from early humans. Its genome is made up of one chromosome and one plasmid. It possesses a large number of highly fragmented genes, many encoding outer membrane proteins. These genes could have been destroyed in order to bypass deleterious responses from the feline host immune system. Five genes are present that are involved in sialylation of cell surface carbohydrates and that were probably acquired by horizontal gene transfer. (EBI Integr8)
Strain Sheeba
Complete Yes
Sequencing centre (01-JUL-2006) National Center for Biotechnology Information, NIH, Bethesda, MD 20894, USA
(27-MAR-2006) Schuster S.C., Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Center for Comparative Genomics and
Sequencing quality Level 6: Finished
Sequencing depth NA
Sequencing method NA
Isolation site Biopsy of Russian circus lion with gastroenteritis
Isolation country NA
Number of replicons 2
Gram staining properties Negative
Shape Spirilla
Mobility Yes
Flagellar presence Yes
Number of membranes 2
Oxygen requirements Microaerophilic
Optimal temperature 37.0
Temperature range Mesophilic
Habitat HostAssociated
Biotic relationship Free living
Host name Lion
Cell arrangement Singles
Sporulation Nonsporulating
Metabolism NA
Energy source NA
Diseases Gastric lesions
Pathogenicity NA