Verrucosispora maris AB-18-032

Names Verrucosispora maris AB-18-032
Accession numbers NC_015409, NC_015434
Background Verrucosispora sp. AB-18-032 is a filamentous bacterium belonging in the Micromonosporaceae family of the Actinobacteria. It produces abyssomicin (inhibitor of para-aminobenzoic acid biosynthesis which is an precursor of folic acid) and proximicin (furan-containing peptide with weak antibiotic effect and strong antitumor properties) (NCBI BioProject: bp_list[1])
Strain AB18-032
Complete Yes
Sequencing centre (06-APR-2011) Computational and Synthetic Biology Laboratory, Korea University, Anam Campus, Anam-dong 5-ga,
(22-APR-2011) National Center for Biotechnology Information, NIH, Bethesda, MD 20894, USA
Sequencing quality Level 6: Finished
Sequencing depth NA
Sequencing method NA
Isolation site deep marine sediment sample collected from the East Sea (Sea of Japan)
Isolation country Japan
Number of replicons 2
Gram staining properties NA
Shape Filamentous
Mobility NA
Flagellar presence NA
Number of membranes NA
Oxygen requirements NA
Optimal temperature NA
Temperature range NA
Habitat Sediment
Biotic relationship NA
Host name NA
Cell arrangement NA
Sporulation NA
Metabolism NA
Energy source NA
Diseases NA
Pathogenicity NA